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Youth-n-Tech Tech Bootcamp

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We are Youth-n-Tech

A non-profit San Francisco Bay Area Technology Bootcamp training program for underprivileged youth.  We need your help because we are now trying to do fundraising to raise money to take on our future building project.  We are interested in empowering other youth by helping them to get a head start on learning how technology works.  Based on statistics we know that technology provides the means by which youth can grow and secure their livelihood.

We do this by creating exciting events in a form of fun hands-on bootcamp where they actually get the chance to play and be creative and at the same time they become career minded... thereby preparing them for a successful future in a tech work force where they can enjoy doing something that sparks their interest

We must focus on fundraising and try our very best to learn how we can become successful at it.  Our current event is scheduled for Auguest 22, 2024.   You can reach us at: phone: 628-219-3735. We are registered as an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization with Tax-Id: 86-3680012 with tax examption.

We've made it easy for others to pitch-in below with a donation.